Cancer Debate Around Sadhguru’s Quote

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To start with, one has sympathies for those who are suffering from or have lost near and dear ones to cancer. One also has respect for those who have successfully fought and defeated cancer and are leading a healthy life today.

That brings us to Sadhguru‘s tweets on the subject on World Cancer Day

I came across numerous responses to these tweets, especially the former one and I responded to some. However, this article in particular caught my attention.

One was pained to see sweeping generalisations, with Sadhguru having been painted with the same brush as other Gurus. However, that is hardly a surprise. In an age of limited attention span and relentless social media outrage, taking a step back, getting into details and forming a considered opinion is at a premium.

The article referred to earlier mentions the word ‘cure’ (cancer) six times, hinting as if Sadhguru has made any such claim in the referred tweet or otherwise. On the contrary, Sadhguru propagates leading a healthy life using techniques of Inner Engineering that help PREVENT ailments like cancer. What’s wrong with this message to generate an outrage of the sort we have seen?

If you read the blog post titled Cancer: A Yogic Perspective by Isha Foundation, you will come across the following passage :-

Fundamentally, yoga is not a form of treatment. This is a way of balancing your inner energies. We never really treat the physical or mental body in that sense. Irrespective of what the disease is, we only aim at balancing and activating the energy body.

Essentially, Sadhguru talks about adopting yoga practices for inner well-being; taking care of the energy body, thereby ensuring proper flow of energy to even those organs which are not in active use and have the danger of nurturing cancerous cells. So , Sadhguru talks about PREVENTION and not CURE of cancer.

One cancer patient asked Sadhguru about a cure. Check what Sadhguru replied, especially starting 4:40 minutes in the video!

Sadhguru clearly mentions that once one has contracted cancer, it is better to pursue an allopathic treatment. Yoga can definitely help in overcoming the after-effects of chemotherapy but patients should not run the risk by not taking allopathic treatment.

Some critics mentioned that if cancer was a self-created, what explains cancer to kids or passive smokers? Valid point. If one reads the blog post Cancer: A Yogic Perspective carefully, it clearly mentions that there are external causes of cancer. But in most cases, root cause lies in imbalances in the energy body. This is preventable.

So, what was the outrage about?

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