Healthier And Happier – Inner Transformation With Yoga

  • On my last travel to Rajasthan, my home state, I happened to meet an old industry friend after almost 7 years. The moment he saw me, he exclaimed, “Aman, you are getting younger with age!” Of course due to paucity of time, yoga couldn’t be discussed but he was emphatic in his observation.
  • Whenever I read stories of self-sacrifice or one displaying humanity, tears roll down my cheeks. This is a two year old phenomenon and coincides with my spiritual journey.
  • During my annual medical tests for the last 3 years, the reviewing doctor has consistently been asking me what I do to maintain my health. I tell him that while I practise yoga as a spiritual process, good health is a by-product. He then just blesses me with the statement, “See you next year”; meaning he would love my not visiting him again till the next year’s check-up got due.
  • A person was shouting at me for reasons best known to him. However, I didn’t feel disturbed or agitated at all. I maintained my calm (quite unlike what I used to be before I got introduced to Isha Foundation) and let it pass.

I attribute all of the above to the yoga practises I learnt at the Isha Foundation. I have attended Inner Engineering Retreat twice where I learnt the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya preceded by ancient preparatory asanas like the Surya Namaskar

I practise the entire sequence for 1.5 hours in the morning. I also learnt Isha Kriya preceded by another set of preparatory asanas in the Isha Insight program that I attended at the ashram in 2015. I practise this for an hour in the evening. That is, I spend 2.5 hours a day practising the profound yoga asanas and Kriyas that I have learnt.

My job entails travelling 10-15 days a month. But I ensure that I do the kriyas every day. 

Of late, I have been getting opportunities to share my experiences on stage at Isha’s sathsangs which I occasionally attend to rectify errors, if any, in my practises. I then decided to just put down my thoughts in a blog post.

Dietary Discipline And Weight Loss
When I first learnt the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya in February 2013 as part of the Inner Engineering Retreat Program, I was told to practise the Kriya twice a day for 45 days. However, I could follow the twice-a-day schedule for 7 months, dedicating an hour each in the morning and evening every day. Since there had to be adequate gaps between food intake and the Kriya, my intake automatically reduced to 3 times a day regimen – breakfast, lunch & dinner. So, all the samosas, kachoris and gulab jamuns that I consumed on occasions in the intervening hours got eliminated. This dietary discipline coupled with regular practise helped me reduce my weight (while that was not the intention of my yoga) thereby making my body more flexible.

Eliminated Anger

I got introduced to yoga essentially to be able to control my anger. I occasionally blew my top thinking that it was an appropriate way of getting my job done. When the subject came up during my formal training at the Isha ashram, I asked this question, “How and why should I not get angry when I think that’s the only way to get my job done?” I was awestruck by the simplicity yet profoundness of the answer. “Do not get angry. Just act angry. That will help you maintain your inner peace.” I practise this till date and will continue to do for ever. I have realised that I cannot give the keys to how I feel from the inside to someone else. That has to be in my control.

Improved Health

With regular practise, my health parameters have improved. Instances of falling ill have come down and I feel light and rejuvenated all day. My breath is balanced; a feeling I was oblivious to before I started regular yoga practises. My snoring is gone (still wondering how that happened!) and sleep quality has improved so dramatically that 5-6 hours of sleep a day (and an afternoon nap on weekends) is good enough.

As Sadhguru says, “Are you creating poison within you or the fragrance of the Divine? This is a choice.” I have made my choice through my own inner engineering!

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