Jet Airways, You Rock!

  • We as consumers waste no time in complaining when we face customer service issues. It is equally important to appreciate when we receive outstanding service standards.
  • I am a loyal Jet Airways passenger and have been accorded a Platinum JetPrivilege membership based on my rich association. However, it is only now that I realise the importance of this loyalty program of Jet Airways.
  • I was booked on the 9:15 pm flight (later rescheduled to 9:50 pm) from Bengaluru to Mangalore. I am quite disciplined in keeping time and have therefore never ever missed a flight. In keeping with my habit, I left for the airport at 6 pm, a good 3 hours and 50 minutes ahead of the departure time. This, I thought, would give me neat one hour at the airport lounge to clear my mails and have dinner.
  • However, that was not to be. Within 5 minutes of leaving for the airport, it started drizzling. Immediately thereafter, traffic snarls started. After about 45 minutes (at 6:45 pm), I checked with the taxi driver if we would make it to the airport on time. He said we should be at the airport by 8 pm. I was relieved.
  • However, the traffic snarls only got worse, and our speed slower and slower, till we came to a complete halt at one point. It was then that I realised that I was in real danger of missing my flight. I tweeted in frustration. 

  • Some Twitter friends wished me luck, pointing out that I had many more crowded areas to cross!

  • Amidst this turmoil, I was getting my Plan B ready. In case I missed my flight, I would check in to a hotel near the airport instead of returning back to the city (in view of the traffic snarls) and take the morning flight to Mangalore. I even called up Jet Airways to confirm the check-in time deadline in case one had already done a web check-in. I was clearly told I had to report 45 minutes prior to departure even if I had already done a web check-in. It meant that I had to report latest by 9:05 pm.
  • By the time we cleared the traffic snarls, it was already 9:15 pm and we had another 15 kms to cover. I almost lost hope. I still decided to give it a shot just in case there was a last minute flight delay from Jet Airways itself.
  • I reported at the check-in counter at 9:35 pm; barely 15 minutes before departure! The girl at the check-in counter first said it was too late. Then she realised I had already done my web check-in. Then she noticed that I was a Platinum JetPrivilege customer. She stood up and called her boss, informing about me and that she was checking me in as a special case. Since it was too late for checking in my luggage, she also took permission to allow me take the same as hand baggage. On getting the superior’s go-ahead, she asked a support staff to accompany me through the security using the gate meant for airport staff. 
  • On seeing that the support staff was taking me past a gate meant for staff, a CISF (security) official blasted him and threatened him, demanding he call his superior. The poor chap got terribly frightened. He had put his job on the line to ensure that I caught my flight. I noticed his plight and pleaded with the security official to pardon him and allow me to pass. He cooled down and let me in.
  • Having cleared the security, I ran towards the gate, only to be told that the last bus to the aircraft had already left. I again requested the gate staff. They relented and took me to the aircraft. 
  • I boarded the aircraft at 9:48 pm, barely 2 minutes before departure. Being the last one to board, all passengers turned back to see who the late entrant was!
  • However, I was tremendously relieved to have made it. The lady at the check-in counter, the support staff who carried my luggage through the security and faced the ire of the security official, the man at the gate who took me in a dedicated bus to the aircraft; all were unsung heroes in my eyes. I didn’t know their names but was full of gratitude for their having gone out of the way to help me catch my flight. Its employees like these that make any organisation a darling of customers!
  • Thanks Jet Airways for the excellent level of service quality! You made my day!!
  • I would be marking this blog post to the Jet Airways Twitter handle, hoping that it would be shared with those unsung heroes and they would read this. I also hope that Jet Airways rewards them for the exemplary commitment they showed towards customer delight. These employees are definitely an asset to Jet Airways.

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