My Yoga Experiences

As shared earlier in my blog Corporate Life and Spiritualism, I undertook a professional Yoga coaching program at the Isha Foundation in February 2013.

I have continued my Yoga regimen thereafter with discipline. I tweeted about my ongoing experience a few months ago. Read about it here. Today, I wish to write about my progress in greater detail, with some new experiences.

Initially, I thought my Yoga experiences were personal and need not be shared on a public platform. However, I realise what is happening to me is something profound. Telling about it is important. If this blog motivates even one reader to explore what Yoga has to offer, it would be worth writing this.

First of all, something about what I do as part of my Yoga regimen. I do a 21 minute Kriya called Shambhavi Mahamudra. However, before this Kriya, there are 30 minutes of preparatory asanas. Let us look at these in some detail.

The session starts with Patangasana. It is followed by Shishupalasan and Nadivibhajan (3 rounds – 30 asanas). This set of asanas takes about 15 minutes. It is then followed by Surya Namaskar (3 rounds – 72 asanas) which takes about 10 minutes.

This is followed by 5 minutes of Shavasana to cool the body down. And then starts Shambhavi Mahamudra, which involves breathing exercises like Sukhasana, Om Chants, Flutter and Bandhas, all undertaken in a precise way and order.

This entire session takes appx 50 minutes. I have certain experiences during this session which I would like to share.

First, during Patangasan, I occasionally feel the back of my neck, ears and a part of my face getting heated up. That’s probably because nerves at the bottom of the spine get worked up. These nerves are connected to the brain via the neck. I did not have this experience for the first 4 months. It’s only been for the last 2 months or so, as my body got more sensitive.

Two, during and after Suryanamaskar, I notice that there is heightened pumping of blood, especially at my Anahata, just near the diaphragm. I clearly feel enhanced blood circulation across my body, duly engineered from the centre of the body – the Anahata.

Three, after Bandhas, as I start breathing normally, I feel as if I were floating. It not only relaxes the mind but leaves me uplifted. I have no concrete explanation for this. It could either be out of brain relaxation after a prolonged and regulated breathing or some secretions in the brain which are worth researching. I have been having this experience for the last month or so in varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on how well the entire session has progressed.

I do not know what more experiences Yoga has in store for me. I am sure they will get even more profound as I master all the above asanas with practise, and my body becomes more and more sensitive with time.

Please note that this regimen involves dietary discipline as well. Eating only 3 times a day – morning breakfast, lunch and dinner; nothing in between. Also, there are prescribed time-gaps between eating and the yoga session. I am sure this discipline has played a key role in my having these experiences.

I know these are experiences I never imagined were possible. I realise Yoga is not merely an exercise. It’s a spiritual process we MUST traverse.

Depiction of Asanas mentioned in the post





Nadi Vibhajan


Surya Namaskar






Note : Pictorial representations of asanas above are not exact. They are the nearest representation to actual asanas that I could trace on the web.

Caution : All asanas mentioned here should be done under expert guidance only.

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126 Responses to My Yoga Experiences

  1. Harry says:

    Hi Aman, nice write up. I started yoga in Oct 2009 and continued till Oct 2011 with some gaps. It was a wonderful experience. It stopped because of a) travel – I visited US for a few weeks and lost control of the diet and b) the instructor stopped coming at 6 am which I preferred – while I could do some yoga without instructor, the 3 times a week commitment was helped more than I realized then.

    During this phase, I maintained or lost weight – I was eating 3 times a day as you do – and rarely overeating. I am now hoping to restart – let’s see.

    Anyways, good to read up and get motivated – Keep it up !

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Harry for sharing your experience! Great to hear that you could continue Yoga for 2 years and are thinking of restarting it now. Never mind the break as long as you can start afresh 😊 Yes, I have lost weight too. Body has become immensely flexible. Facial skin has got better. I clearly notice better control of my emotions, especially anger. And I know this is just the beginning. Let us see!

  2. H says:

    Could you please describe how to perform Nadivibhajan (3 rounds – 30 asanas)?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear friend

      Yoga being a spiritual process rather than an exercise, I suggest that it be learnt from professionals only. It involves specific breathing ways during asanas, other nuances that cannot be described as well as dietary changes. All these together create a positive impact on the body. Yoga learnt in any other way might harm us.

      Essentially, Nadi Vibhajan is about the spine. Spine is bent upwards, downwards as well as stretched in a straight line. I could not find any correct pictorial or video demonstration on the net. The closest that came is already embedded in my blog. But that’s not the exact pictorial representation.


      • H says:

        Hello Aman,

        thanks for your replying. I agree with what u said and i understand Sadhguru too emphasises on live guru. The problem is when u mind forgets the 10 steps of Nadi vibhajan and has a need for someone to help remember those 10

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear friend,

        Mailed to you. Do check and confirm receipt.


  3. Dinesh kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    The quest to find the differnce betwn ‘aasan’ nd ‘yoga’ kept my insight in a puzzling posture till i happened to visit a Brahma kumaris aashram.
    Furthermore, I was lucky to read d glimpses of ds concept in d philosophy of योग दर्शन, सांख्य दर्शन , शंकराचार्य vs रामानुज.

    Sufficiently motivated, I started practising yoga and found it as an awesome tool to recharge d soul…
    Nd about those some mystic experiences, I wud just say…it was beyond explanation..nd I would look foolish if I even try to employ language in explaining those feelings 🙂

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Dinesh Ji for sharing your experience! Indeed, some of the experiences cannot be explain in words. I am still trying to understand what these.

  4. Ram says:

    can i get video?

  5. Surendar says:


  6. Hi Aman,

    can I know hot to do sambhavi maha mudra ?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Shyju, this Kriya is experiential and very subtle. You need to learn from Isha Foundation only. Please enrol into their Inner Engineering program. Do not learn from anywhere else for your own benefit.

  7. Hi Aman,

    can I know how to do sambhavi maha mudra ?

  8. Praveen kaushik says:

    While searching about sambhavi mudra on google I found that we should not practise it in night.
    Please make it clear why it is so..?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Praveen,

      We were only told to avoid doing it around midnight. I do not do it between 11 pm and 3 am. When I travel, I plan my day in a way that I get a suitable time to complete it. Since I am not sure of the reason, I won’t speculate. Would just state that the Kriya is profound and is best avoided at odd hours around midnight.

      • rekha says:

        Namaskaram, motivated by looked at the write up on ur yoga experience. I was doing this only for 2weeks, and got a major difference. Felt gud. However like to know whether leads to weigh reduction, as I’m already thin and could see a weight loss now, not happy about it and thinking whether I can continue to do it. But personally I want to do as I feel relaxed n getting very less anger.. Pl advice.

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear rekha, Namaskaram and thanks for writing! To my knowledge, yoga optimises the weight by improving the conversion ratio of food to flesh. Please see this blog post from Sadhguru However, I suggest you visit the nearest Isha Yoga Centre for clarifying your doubts and to also validate if you are doing the practise the right way. Had i been in your place, i would have done the same and continued practising 😊 BTW, i also lost weight for an year and then it stabilised automatically.

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Rekha, also wanted to confirm if you have learnt this from Isha Yoga guys only! Have you?

  9. rekha says:

    Yes,I attended the 7 days course from isha..thanks for your reply. I will check with the nearest isha yoga centre.

  10. abhishek says:

    Thanks for your write up!
    Can you please tell me if the Surya Kriya be followed by the Shambhavi Mahamudra as a daily morning routine. Would that be a good morning yoga practice or should those two not be done one after the other?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Abhishek, Surya Namaskar is an excellent preparatory asana for Shambhavi. Recommended to be done before Shambhavi daily. I practise it that way only.

  11. Nice to read about your experience. I just got initiated into Shambhavi 6 days back, one thing that really surprised me was that while fluttering, I could clearly feel energy in my anahata. Initially it was towards the right side of my body but now i feel it in the center. I wonder if others also feel this.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Ankit, thanks for writing in. We feel the impact the Kriya in varying degrees and different ways. Great that you see the impact so early after initiation!

      • b says:

        Hey, quick question.. is the flutter breath same as khpalabati? I think I remember him saying it was very shallow at the tip of the nostrils, not deeper breaths like khapalabati. Correct? Thanks!

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Hi! You are right. Flutter is different from Kapalbati. You have rightly described flutter too 😊

  12. Sandy says:

    Hari Om Amanji,
    I did inner engg online. Then attended Shambhavi mahamudra for one and half day camp with Sadhguruji. It is hard to remember everything from lectures of inner engg. Shambhavi mahamudra also were taught only preparatory asanas two minutes each, three asanas, and then Shambhavi Mahamudra, which involves breathing exercises like Sukhasana, Om Chants, Flutter and Bandhas, which last for 21 minutes. We were not suryanamaskaras. Does that mean we should not do all this without suryanamaskaras? There is no video of cat pose 10 steps. How can one is expected to remember all that. It is not fair that there is no video on this online. I am confused.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks for writing in Sandy! Some points that came to mind after reading your comment.
      1. Sadhguru says yoga can’t be learnt through videos and books. I agree with him. Doing it the wrong way can harm us. It is better learnt in person. Hence, there are no videos online.
      2. Surya Namaskar is recommended as a preparatory asana for Shambhavi but is not mandatory. But I have found it to be profound and have continued to practise.
      3. We can remember the steps only with regular practise. I recommend you either attend another inner engineering program or visit any of their branches to refresh the memory. I too have attended the program twice for perfection and have visited their branch once to clear my doubts.
      4. You did inner engineering online? Did they have such a program earlier? As on today, there is nothing available online.


      • Hi Aman,

        I took the inner engineering course couple of days back in Bangalore. But struggling with flutter and sambhavi. The training from from Isha Foundation. However, the instructors did not do live demonstration. They just showed the videos. The explanations I felt were inadequate for beginners. I am unable to do the flutter and also the bandhas. Can you help?


      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Saurabh,

        Thanks for writing! There are practise sessions going on most of the times at Isha centres. Suggest you visit them. No one gets this right in one go. I have attended the program twice and visited their centre once in the last 2.5 years. You must to this correctly, and for that, visit their centre. It is free.


  13. Priyanka gandhi says:

    Hi Aman,
    I have started practising Sambhavi Kriya recently and I had some queries about it. It will be of great help if you could assist me with it
    1. The Sukhakriya sitting pose..does it needs to be maintained even for steps after wards?
    2. after kriya, whats the minimum gap required for bath and breakfast and tea?
    3. if you have had tea and some biscuits, whats the minimum interval you need to maintain for kriya?
    4, because of food rules, am finding it difficult to do my kriya for 2 times for 48 days, there have been breaks for the last 2 days where i have done it only once. Do i now again need to restart it to do it for 48 days?

    Pl advise. Look forward to your revert,

    Best regards

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Priyanka,

      Thanks for writing in! Though I am no expert, will try to respond basis my understanding.

      1. Yes, Ardha sidhasana needs to be maintained through-out Shambhavi Kriya.
      2. We can eat something hotter than the room temperature in 30 minutes.
      3. Bath should be ideally before the Kriya.
      4. 2.5 hours gap between light snacks and Kriya.
      5. I continued the Kriya twice a day for 7 months. In case I missed one session on any day owing to hectic travel that’s part of my job, I didn’t worry. That happened rarely. To meet the schedule of 2 sessions a day, I started eating only 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing in between. I could then easily do the Kriya twice a day. Suggest you avoid missing any sessions.
      6. I suggest you attend a sathsang in a nearby Isha centre. It is worth revisiting once in a while as errors do creep in over time.


  14. Priyanka gandhi says:

    thankyou Aman , indeed helpful..

  15. DP says:

    Dear Aman,
    I attended the 7 day program and practiced for 1 year. I have discontinued for last 1 year and wish to restart. Is it possible for you to mail me the steps in the bandhas. I am bit confused about the way I am locking. I will visit the one of the centers for guided practice after a month but if you can share I can check myself till that time. Thanks.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear DP,

      Thanks for writing in! Extremely sorry but I would prefer not to tread the path of teaching the Shambhavi steps. The Kriya is too profound to be taught by a novice like me. Hope you will not mind.


  16. Perumal says:

    Sharma Ji, What is your status on Shambhavi? Share the experience. Pls

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Perumal, my practice is continuing without fail. I have increased the Surya Namaskar cycles from 3 to 6 about 1.5 years ago. The progress on the spiritual path is visible. Some experiences cannot be shred on a public forum 🙂 Can just say that the health benefits have been profound too.

  17. gopal shah says:

    namaskaram,amanji practiceing it from last 1 year truly its benefits cannot be described in words it can be feel ,now after practiceing it want to contributing something for the society ……want to do something for my nation

  18. Gaurav says:

    Hello Aman
    Have you or anyone in your netwrok experience any -ve experinces of shambhavi mahamudra

    Person losing control of himself- not able to control his mind
    Not able to concentrate
    Body is becoming weak
    Hearing loud sounds in the head
    normal daily prayer to god suddenly stopped.

    My Other questions is what is the end goal of Shambhavi Mahamudra and how long typically it takes a person to get there( it could be in range 1 -10 yrs for examlple)

    Appreciate your response

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Hi Gaurav! Thanks for writing in! My response is as follows.

      1. Negative impact can be there if the Kriya is not done properly. It is important to occasionally visit Isha centres to do it under observation and rectify any errors creeping in.
      2. I have personally done the Inner Engineering program twice and visited the centre once in last 2.5 years. That’s three interventions to correct the way I was doing the Kriya. Errors had crept in.
      3. It is also important to do the preparatory asanas as they prepare the body for Shambhavi. As Sadhguru says, raising the pitch of the energies through Shambhavi is like taking the car from the 1st gear straight to the 5th – it can give some jolts to the vehicle (body)!
      4. There is no timeline to ‘get there’. Practitioners cross the bridge when it comes.


      • gaurav says:


        Thanks for the reply. I assume as an as we’re done correctly and prep as an as we’re also done.

        First question is what is that we are trying to achieve by this Maha mudra. I suppose enlightenment. Once someone get there does his soul depart from this world.

        By duration questions I wanted find out if all these souls will be enlightened in next 16- 20 year’s. What if someone feel in g within 6 months sudden changes by movement of kundalini.

        Are there disclosure provided what could happen in process of this enlightenment via Shambhavi-mahamudra

        This is powerful tool provided to people without any maintenance or procedure to recheck if anything wrong happening to people. % age could be low but people are going through painful experience s without realizing t here could be -ve impact as well.

        Appreciate any guidance whom to contact who can help resolve this friend of mine issues in isha yoga


      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Gaurav,

        1. We must do the kriya without any expectation. That’s what the Isha centre guys told me when I first went to them some 7 months after I was initiated.
        2. What I am trying to achieve through the kriya – the 5 benefits that Sadhguru defined after the initiation. All related to healthy long life. Nothing more. If anything better has to happen, it will come on its own. We are just keeping the body healthy and prepared.
        3. No timeframes, since no expectation to achieve something. Good health year on year should keep us going.
        4. Regarding disclosures. Sadhguru clearly mentions the pitfalls of doing it incorrectly or trying to teach the kriya to someone. I remember one of the participants (foreigner lady) getting overly worried after these disclosures.
        5. Isha centres are there across countries for support. Why not use them to recheck?
        6. For your friend, suggest you go to the Isha centre nearest to you. Please do not delay this.
        7. Do refer their website for the address of the nearest centre.


  19. inderjit sikand says:

    Dear Aman,

    Is Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya suitable for people with hypertension or any heart ailment.The question came to my mind as the kriya supposedly contains bandhas which require retention of breath and kapalbhati too.
    Could you please throw some light on this.
    Inderjit Sikand

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Sir,

      Regret that I am not an expert at this. However, my understanding is that the kriya can be practised by anyone. When they teach the kriya, they ask for the detail of any ailment we are suffering from. That helps them take special care of patients. I also remember one of my co-participants having already undergone by-pass surgery. He was allowed to learn and practise. Also, Kapalbhati is not involved here.


      • I have taken the 7 day course in Bangalore. They created much hype. But unfortunately, Sadguru did not visit. All we saw was his video. The representatives did not appear very knowledgeable to me. Neither did they share any guide or video that I could use to practice. So I gave up in a week. I am not sure if it is a good idea to waste time with no expectations.

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Saurabh,

        Thanks for writing in! Sadhguru seldom conducts this program himself now-a-days. I have also learnt in a program that used his videos. That was good enough. It has worked for me.


  20. inderjit sikand says:

    Dear Aman,
    Thank you for sharing the information.
    Inderjit Sikand

  21. Balasubramanian S says:

    Dear Mr Aman Sharma,
    Namaskaram. Nice blog on Shambavi Mahamudra. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am 58 years old and was initiated into Shambavi this May at Malad, Mumbai and I have been continuing twice a day since then without fail. I must say I see improvements in the practice over the past 50 days. Initially the pain in the legs was disturbing me so much it interfered with my practice and also there was stiffness at hip, now it is much better.

    While it is advised not to expect anything during practice, it is very difficult not to expect. Also despite the advise to concentrate on breathing and at Agna chakra, the mind wanders too often reducing the effectiveness of the practice. I tried to think of SJV and Bhabaji to focus back with no great improvement. SJV says unless you become aware n create a space between you and your mind/ body, you may not be able to focus. I don’t do how to improve focus. Do you have any tips?

    Balasubramanian S

  22. Mahesh says:

    Namaskaram Aman ji

    I’ve learnt shambhavi last year from ISHA in Bangalore, I’ve seen amazing result. Unfortunately I had to discontinue because of various reasons all because of me.
    However I still sit before Linga bhairavi gudi at home for at least 10mins

    No again something tells me to start over again. How not able to recall nadi vibhujan steps
    I’m happy to take up correction classes if it happening in Bangalore
    Pls help

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Mahesh,

      Thanks for writing in. Since you have already been initiated into Shambhavi, please walk into any Isha a Foundation Centre in Bangalore and relearn. Should not be a problem.


  23. Balasubramanian S says:

    Dear Amanji,

    I have been practicing Shambhavi Mahamudra for the past 3 months. For the last 2 weeks or so, I am experiencing subtle vibration of entire body throughout the day. Is it because of Sadhana or simply am I becoming alert to what is already in the body? How do you see this from your experience or knowledge?


  24. Debashis says:

    Dear Amanji,

    I was initiated to SM last June. I have been having a bit of itching in the third eye area of the head just after I complete The Mahamudra everyday for the last few days. Is this normal?


    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Debashis,

      Though I am no expert at this, but feel different people have different types of experiences. I always recommend people to visit the nearest Isha Centre occasionally for guidance. They answer the questions or any doubts that we might have.


  25. Ronica says:

    Namaskaram Amanji,
    Lovely reading about your experiences. I too completed my Inner Engineering Programme on 15th September 2015. It was really profound..takes you on a different journey.
    I am regularly doing Shambhvi Mahamudra 2 times. There are days when it goes smoothly and on others it feels tough. I have a lot of stiffness in my joints and also have cervical problem. I hope i am able to overcome these isuues over some time. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Ronica for writing! You shall surely overcome the problems you mentioned with regular practise and dietary discipline that comes along with it. I too had a lot of stiffness initially but 2.5 years of regular practise has helped improve a lot. My humble suggestion is that occasionally do visit the nearest Isha Yoga Centre for practise under supervision as there is a tendency of errors creeping into the practise. With errors, our progress gets hindered. God willing, you will be perfectly fine in some time. Stay connected! Regards/Aman

  26. Ronica says:

    Thanks Amanji for the advise..will surely go by it..although there is no permanent centre in Chandigarh but another Inner Engineering programme is scheduled in Nov end. I’m planning to volunteer ..and also in the process will be able to reinforce the method of practice. In gratitude !

  27. Anand says:

    Good to read about your post. Thanks for sharing
    you have mentioned you do 3 rounds – 72 asanas of surya namaskar. But there are only 12 asanas in surya 3 rounds make it 36. Do you do 6 rounds?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks ANAND for your comment.

      Surya Namaskar – 1 round = 12 asanas starting with right leg + 12 starting with left leg. I talked about 3 such rounds.

      BTW, for the last 1.5 years, I have moved to 6 rounds.


  28. Naga says:

    Hi Aman,

    Thanks for the nice write up. I have been following Sadhguru from quite some time, watched a lot his videos and read some of his books. There is not doubt about the wisdom of Sadhguru. However, I have a genuine questions which no some seems to ask. Don’t take this the wrong way, but how many people got enlightened by the various methods taught by Sadhguru? Since you are an Isha yoga practitionar, can you shed some light on it? The reason for me asking this is, I want a complete path for enlightenment, not just some practices for taking care of the body and may be to have a calm mind. Raja yoga is a time tested step by step process, I wonder how many got enlighted specifically from the Isha yoga practices that Sadhguru teaches (Inner Eng, Isha Kriya, Shambavi, Soonya, BSP, Samyama)?


    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Naga for writing! Watch this video, especially from 2:20 minutes I do not wish to paraphrase what Sadhguru says so posting the video.


      • Naga says:

        Thanks for the reply Aman. But in fact, it just re-iterates what I know about Isha Yoga practices. What I am looking for in “Jeevan Mukti” not “Jeeva Samadhi”, i.e., Enlightened and still living in the body. The Isha yoga practices are geared towards enhancing one’s inner energy, and if the energies touch the peak, you will be enlightened but you will also leave the body. Where as with Raja yoga path, that is not the case.

        Isha Yoga practices may be for some people and I respect that, but not for me. And I found my path.


  29. toomas says:

    just in case i would like to ask, how to do exactly Shambhavi Mahamudra. Eyes closed or open, because only description out there with pdf file says all exercises have to do eyes closed, or only last part between eyes have to be eyes open ? or closed there also

  30. toomas says:

    also i noticed being spiritual like sun salutation kind of exercises your body goes automatically diet, Then i saw on weight that my body has actually more body fat then before when i ate more. So like body is building fat itself while you dont eat lot of fat at all, i dont understand how it can be like this

    • toomas says:

      i would really appreciate it if you confirm its okay and doesnt harm me. Its just that lot of energy comes from doing these kriyas, and less food is needed 🙂 is this same with you too

      • toomas says:

        the meditations has slowed my metabolism so down that i do not wish to do anything and can eat only once. Is this all normal. Could you help to give me some tips how i can become more entusiastic

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear friend, request you to visit the nearest Isha yoga centre to discuss this. Thanks!

  31. Neel says:


    Where did you learn surya namaskar ? I heard isha reached surya kriya but do they initiate people to surya namaskar also ?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Neel, yes, that’s Surya Kriya. They actually called it Sun Salutation. I have used the terms interchangeably. Surya Namaskar is actually a cousin of Surya Kriya and has evolved out of Surya Kriya

      • Neel says:

        Thanks Aman. I started shambavi again ( did for
        48 days after initiation and stopped ) I just started and feel lot of energy and very very less sleep and I almost lost appetite is this something abnormal and warning signal ? I am feeling great but very less appetite and very very less sleep bothering me .. am i still human 🙂 ???

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Neel, suggest you get in touch with the nearest Isha Yoga centre and do the kriya under observation. Normally, errors creep in which need rectification. They will then clear your doubts as well.

  32. sridhar says:

    Hi Aman, Very informative posts. Thank you. Are you continuing with your shambhavi practice? Can you please share what your experiences have been and how they changed along with time? I am practicing Shambhavi in recent months.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Hi Sridhar!

      Yes, the practise continues. It has been 3 years now. My experiences have also enhanced and enriched; something that I do not share in open forums as people won’t understand. I subsequently learnt Isha Kriya as well and have been practising that in addition to Shambhavi. Isha Kriya is profound too and I do not share those experiences in open forums as well. I would just say that regular practise, occasional guided sessions at Isha Centres for corrections and dietary discipline can take us a long way.


  33. Bala says:

    HI aman,
    Iam glad the forum discussshambhavi mahamudra program fro isha. I have been intiated 3months before. Since then, iam doing twice everyday.i felt a lotof positive change in me.
    I wonder does kriya help for conceiving the you know anybody benefited from kriya.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Bala, no idea. Not even a mention about improved fertility. The Kriya benefits the body at the cellular level as a whole.

  34. neel. says:

    Hi Aman – Can you share few experiences of your Shambavi Practice ? i am referring to following comments posted by you above.

    “Thanks Dinesh Ji for sharing your experience! Indeed, some of the experiences cannot be explain in words. I am still trying to understand what these.”

  35. Neel says:

    Hi aman

    Do you know the benifits of chanting BRAHMANANDA SWAROOPA chant ? Sadguru says it invokes stillness in the seeker what does it mean ? What is Stillness and how it is useful ?

  36. Hi Aman,
    I attended shambhavi mahamudra program taught by Sadguru.
    As I am overweight, I have dificulty in doing Patangasana, Shishupalasan and Bandas.
    I am getting lower back pain.

    Could you please advice.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Nagaraj, please visit the nearby ISHA yoga centre. Getting over this should not be a problem. They will guide you.

  37. dileeps2009 says:

    Hi Aman,
    I am doing SMM since 2 months after learnt from SadhGuru. But recently I have a small doubt about the fluttering that I am doing . I cannot do a continuous fluttering. Every 30 seconds or so, I have to do long exhalation and inhalation to get enough air in the lungs , otherwise I will feel suffocation like a fish out of water. Is it normal to breath long in between fluttering? If it is wrong, do you suggest the correct way? Thanks

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Dileep, we cannot do long exhalation/inhalation during flutter. I also suggest you do the Kriya in guided practice sessions at the nearest Isha Centre occasionally so that any errors in practice that creep in are corrected.

  38. Sindhu says:

    I have learnt AOL Sudarshan kriya, Padma sadhana &
    meditation since I could not attend isha program. After listening sadhguru talks in youtube I am more inclined towards isha programs hence I want to do inner engineering learn shambhavi maha mudra and experience the same.Could you please tell how different inner engineering as compared to AOL programs ?
    Whether I can do both if time permits or focus on one methodology (either isha or AOL)
    How to decide which is the best one ?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Sindhu, since I have not done AOL’s programs, can’t comment. Do the Inner Engineering program and decide for yourself 😊 Whether both can be done together can be answered by Gurus only.

  39. Kumarkanth says:

    Dear amanji . Namaskarams. Sir, I have read all your feedback over Isha kriya and SMM. Sir I went through Inner engineering in the year 2015 ,practiced for 3 months and discontinued due to some or other reasons. I used to practice SMM and got its benefits. But as shared by some of the readers above, i used to experience some pain in the vertebra at the time of flutter of breathe. Sir i need a clarification from you, is isha kriya followed by SMM can be performed only on empty stomach. If time is the main constraint, can we perform SMM directly. please clarify, Thank you

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Kumarkanth, thanks for reading the blog post and writing in. I highly recommend you visit the nearest Isha Yoga centre and practise under supervision. They will clarify your other queries as well. I am advising this as your queries are best resolved in person and under supervision. Thanks!

  40. Sahil Gupta says:

    On the official page of Sadhguru, i can find a video showing how to do Shambhavi mahamudra : In the video it is not mentioned to do any asanas before shambhavi, while reading the discussions on Shambhavi i can see a lot of mudras/yogas people are doing along with Shambhavi. Seems them to be mandatory.

    Can you please shed light on the same ?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Sahil,

      1. What you have referred to in the video is Shambhavi Mudra, not Shambhavi Mahamudra. You will not find any content on how to do Shambhavi Mahamudra on the web. It can neither be taught nor learnt just like that. One has to be initiated into it and that is done strictly under supervision and after proper conditioning.
      2. There are preparatory asanas to be done before Shambhavi Mahamudra. It’s a complete set of asanas they teach in the Inner Engineering Program.
      3. Best approach to learn is to enrol in the program. Highly recommended.


  41. Khyati Patel says:

    I am doing the shambhavi maha mudra and all other mudras. Please could you guide me with exactly how to fit in Surya namaskar in this the process and the exact method as probably I am not doing the surya Namaskar in the right way.
    Your help is very much appreciated
    Thank you

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Khyati, am not aware of your location but I think you will have some Isha Centre near your place. Strongly recommend you to visit the same and get the Surya Namaskar practice checked. This is best done in person rather than over internet. Regards/Aman

  42. Hari says:

    Dear Aman,
    I see that you have been practicing Isha yoga practices for years. Based on your experience, I want to know if & how these practices have affected your day-to-day worldly affairs (better functioning in some, withdrawal from some, indifference to some etc.)
    – Hari

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Excellent question Mr Hari!

      1. I am much better placed now to cope with the hectic pace of work-life. My health is way better and am clearly a few notches up on the happiness index 😊
      2. I have withdrawn myself from reacting to situations which otherwise used to make me angry and frustrated.
      3. Practices have not impacted my married life at all. In fact, my wife, who had been going to the gym, has taken up yoga as an additional part of her routine.
      4. My school going kids too have got motivated and do their bit of yoga. Rub-off effect 😊

      As Sadhguru says, spirituality is an inward journey and is not in conflict with the outside world. In fact, it makes us better negotiate the twists and turns of day to day worldly affairs.

      I can share a few interesting links on the above aspects of you are interested.

  43. Hari says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply Aman. Your answers are very encouraging. Yes, I would definitely like to see those links. Thanks again!
    – Hari

  44. Hari says:

    Thank you! These are very encouraging, again, particularly, the ‘anger’ part 🙂

  45. SHUBHAM Bhansali says:

    Sir can u please help me with nadi vibhajan. I learned Shambhavi by enrolling in the program but I am not able to remember nadi vibhajan 4th and 5th steps

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Dear Shubham, I am not qualified enough to guide you on this. Please get in touch with the nearest Isha centre. They will surely help you 🙏

  46. Normand Rivard says:

    Hello Aman,

    I have just learned Shambavi Mahamudra, and I have only been doing it for 2 weeks twice a day.

    I will probably do it only in the morning after the 48 days, due to family constraints and interruptions.

    I would like to know if you have also taken Shoonya and/or Buddhi Shuddhi. If not why?

    I am wondering if I should wait a year with Shambavi before looking at taking another course
    or just learn Surya Kriya or Yogasanas.

    Just wondering what you think since you have been so disciplined and doing it for so long.

    Thank very much for your Blog.


    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Normand for writing! I will be taking up all the advanced programs one by one. I did not do it hastily as I wanted to get myself in shape before I proceeded further. I am now going for Bhava Spandana (BSP) in Jan 2018 1st week. Already booked 😊

      • Normand Rivard says:

        Thank you Aman, for your reply.
        I hope you share with us some of your experiences after taking Bhava Spandana.
        How long did it take you to notice any differences in your life after starting Shambhavi Mahamudra practice?
        Thank you.

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Dear Normand, the changes have been gradual but continuous. The experiences got more intense by the day. Since I have been regular, people who have known me for a long time clearly noticed those changes along the way. So, difficult to pin point the exact time when I started noticing differences.

        I also feel that Surys Namaskar has played an equally important role in my transformation. Without it, benefits from Shambhavi Mahamudra would not have been so immense.

  47. Ashish Garag says:

    what is the difference between Shambhavi mudra and mahamudra, performing only Shambhavi mudra can give the benefits of shambavi mahamudra.

  48. Normand Rivard says:

    Hello Aman,
    Have you completed your Bhava Spandana course?
    Do you have any experiences to share?
    Let me know.
    Thank you.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Yes, completed. Would not like to share as it would spoil the readers’ own experience if/when he/she attends. Would just say the program was intense and touched me in ways I couldn’t have imagined 😊

  49. Hari says:

    Did you learn Surya Namaskar also from Isha?

  50. Anand says:

    प्रिय अमन मैं इनर इंजीनियरिंग प्रोग्राम जाँइन करना चाहता हुं!.मेरे कुछ प्रश्न है क्या मैं आपसे फोनपे बात कर सकता हूं!plz send your mobile no my whats up no is

  51. newsfuntech says:

    Hi Aman,

    I have lower back problem due to L5-S1 slipped disc. Hence I can’t do forward bending exercises. Have you seen any person with similiar ailment practising Shambhavi Mahamudra?
    I seriously want to go for Isha-kriya and Inner Engineering, so I want to know whether I can do it or not with my disc issue.

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Hi! Yes, I have seen people with back ailments practising, albeit with some improvisation. I would recommend you visit a nearby Isha centre and talk to some yoga teacher there before you register for the program.

  52. mrcymru says:

    Namaskaram Aman. I have enjoyed your writings very much.

  53. MANOJ KUMAR ROUT says:

    I want to incorporate kapalbhati pranayam with sambhabi mahamudra what will be the suitable sequence for me?

    • Aman Sharma says:

      You cannot modify Shambhavi Mahamudra. It has to be done exactly the way it is taught. Modifications can harm the practitioner.

      • Manoj Rout says:

        Thank you sir for your reply.. I have one more question to ask you about the sequence of sambhabi mahamudra and going to gym for exercise. I am practicing sambhabi mahamudra 5:00 AM to 6 AM and hitting the gym at 7AM. Is it ok to continue this sequence.

      • Aman Sharma says:

        Please check with trained Isha teachers. Am not qualified to answer this 🙏

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