Narendra Modi : Key Personality Traits

Owing to the divisive nature of the subject, I have mostly refrained from tweeting or blogging about politics in general and Narendra Modi in particular.

However, from what I read, I sense that Modi is a complex personality having certain traits that make him a very interesting study. Hence this blog.

Without getting into the politics of it, let us analyse these typical personality traits.

First, the strengths. Such personalities are highly passionate about what they do and have a no-nonsense approach. They are go-getters and seldom fail in what they set out to achieve. They work almost 24/7 without batting an eyelid and enjoy their involvement to the fullest. They identify threats to their objective quite early and take corrective measures even before anybody else senses the threats. They like building their own teams and push the team members to limits but at the same time, protect them and take care of them like no one else does. They are as generous in rewarding their team members as they are harsh in getting their work done from them.

Now, the weaknesses. These personalities are too straightforward; to the point of being rude and insensitive. They do not understand diplomatic approaches. They tend to rub people the wrong way most of the time but survive in the system based on performance and merit. They prefer efficient team members who perform from day one but do not like spending time grooming people. They instil fear among team members to push them to the limits of performance. They mostly like yes-men and tend to bulldoze their decisions. They also do not tolerate people not owing allegiance to them, even if they are efficient. Loyalty to them is the top-most priority. People not loyal to them are made to leave in a systematic but a covert manner over a period of time. They are opportunistic and even harm their mentors politically if it suits them.

Now the question is, are such people a boon or a bane? Here, there is no right or a wrong answer. These people are suitable to handle certain tasks where they prove to be extremely useful. Mostly, during adversity, these people are the best bet. However, when the going is good, these personalities can rock the boat.

So, how does the world handle these personalities? First, the mentors/leaders should be acutely aware of when to use these personalities or where to keep them occupied. Wrong decisions here have far reaching consequences. Two, handling these personalities tests one’s limits of patience. Their mentors need to be large-hearted and forgiving to handle them. Three, the detractors wait of such personalities to commit mistakes, and then gun for them. If the mistakes are significant in nature, the detractors win. Else, these personalities survive. Four, when too many enemies get created within the system because of their high-handed and autocratic approach, a time comes when it becomes necessary to sacrifice these personalities for the larger good. That’s how they meet their nemesis.

As Narendra Modi leads the BJP’s national campaign for the next general elections, do watch out for these traits. RSS and BJP leadership has taken a significant decision in anointing him and this has far reaching consequences, not only for them but for India as well.

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5 Responses to Narendra Modi : Key Personality Traits

  1. jairajp says:

    Agree with you 100% .. Also you’ve tried best to keep it “aPolitical”…
    Reserving further comments owing to the divisive nature of the subject & to retain the non-political nature of this blog 🙂

    • Aman Sharma says:

      Thanks Jairaj! Glad you liked the piece. Yes, didn’t want to get into Modi being politically right or wrong. Limited the scope of the blog to his personality.

  2. SYLVIA V says:

    i have an assignment on Mr. Modi’s personality type based on the MBTI. this was extremely useful. thank you sir 🙂

  3. Vini Bhatia says:

    I agree with u.but one needs to be a game changer to be a leader…generally a man gets six months to prove his worth in corporate world…hope he proves himself …till now I can c ratan tata in him…basic qualities of leader includes aim vision mission, alternatives postive attitude art of conversation, influential, memory power, use of skills, basic administration qualities, maintaing protocol, stamina to work for 16-18 hours, open to feedbacks, interpersonal skills,common sense, street smart orator take initiative understands rights n duties its consequences. .etc..I feel a leader needs 100 qualities to be successful. ..even if a person has about 80-85 of it he can lead a successful life.. n mr modi has maximum qualities to be successful

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