Timeline Speed and Twitter Lists


As Twitter users grow in terms of number of tweets sent or the follower count, it is important to conduct themselves in a way that keeps their connections engaged. Yes, I am talking about managing our Twitter growth with discipline and tact.

Before I delve further on the theme, I would like to explain what I mean when I say a tweep’s growth on Twitter could be managed better. Here are a few examples.

1. A tweep following a large number of (say over 5000) people but having no lists.
2. A tweep following less than a 100 people and having no lists.
3. A tweep having more than 10 lists.
4. A tweep having over 200 people listed in a single list.

In all the above instances, maintaining a level of engagement and growth that can be considered as optimum would be difficult for the tweep. In the first case, there is bound to be very low engagement. In the second, there is a clear loss of growth opportunity as the tweep isn’t following back enough thereby losing out many good followers expecting a follow back. In the third, the number of lists is so large that the tweep might not be able to access many of them regularly. In the fourth, engagement levels are bound to suffer, defeating the very purpose of listing.

These are just a few examples. If you deep dive into your own Twitter experience, you may come up with even more such scenarios. If you do, please do not hesitate to share!

So, what is the remedy? How do we manage our Twitter growth that paces our influence on the medium in the best possible way?

First is to assess the speed of our timeline. Is it three tweets a minute or thirty? At present, I don’t recall any app that measures it. But I do have a sense of the speed of my timeline.


Please note that the speed varies at various times of the day and week. But we need bother about the speed for the time we stay logged in.

We then need to assess what speed suits us. The most suitable timeline speed is one which allows us to click on and read the interesting links of our choice without missing out on other links/tweets of significance. The moment we feel the speed of the timeline is getting out of hand, it’s time to add our first Twitter list!

What are Twitter Lists? They are an excellent tool to organise our twitter feed based on parameters of our choice. They are sub-groups of our timeline: they help break down our bulky timeline into more manageable, smaller timelines.


Once we create the lists and start accessing them regularly, we get a hang of the speed of these mini-timelines as well. Again, it’s important to add members to a list only to the extent that the speed remains manageable.

A simple advantage of this technique is that tweeps can follow more people, simply because thay are able to manage the growth. This increases their chances of making more meaningful connections and doing justice to them.

Another advantage of Twitter lists is that one can read the tweets of tweeps one is not following. One can use this technique with tweeps who do not follow back, spoiling one’s follower to following ratio.

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