Did someone travel back in time to damage the LHC experiment?


I have followed the LHC (CERN) experiment closely since ’09. I had a distinct recollection of reading articles about the machine damaging itself. Here is one such article from Fox News. Please read the last 3 paras. It hints at time travel to hinder the LHC. This video is revealing too!

In fact, this article actually mentions the Swiss having arrested a suspicious man from near the LHC who claimed to be from the future! The man later mysteriously vanished from the secure mental health facility in Geneva where he had been detained!!

Here is another CNN video alluding to the various incidents that halted the experiment.

Now, what I am hinting at is interesting. Since the experiment might have created history by discovering particles travelling faster than light, is there a possibility that someone traveled back in time to actually hinder the experiment? Is mankind on the verge of a landmark discovery that is set to change our course, our future forever?

To take the thought further, I recommend the Star Trek movie First Contact. A gripping one, that builds on a similar story.

Star Trek

In the movie, the Borg travel back in time to damage an experiment by humans to learn to travel faster than light. The Enterprise Team travels back in time too, counters the Borg and ensures that the humans succeed. 

Just a weird thought friends! Fun!


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