Is Twitter unable to address customer complaints?


Twitter is an amazing medium, with millions singing paeans of and thronging to it. We have seen refinements and enhancements that have made the Twitter experience of its users even better over a period of time!

However, I am forced to write this post after noticing that there is no structured process laid down by Twitter to address customer complaints, a pre-requisite for any organizations.

I have posted my complaint twice in the last two months in the comments column of the ‘Get Help With Twitter Here’ page but have neither been acknowledged nor redressed!

My Complaint

Given below is a tentative list of 37 tweeps who are following me but do not reflect among my followers. Despite complaining twice, why can’t this issue be resolved?

  1. @BkChandan
  2. @Tau_ke_bole
  3. @Anita_Agarwal
  4. @Msdemara
  5. @JoeFBlaze
  6. @IamPramit
  7. @cPhilipsDotNet
  8. @TheLightWizzard
  9. @Lotay
  10. @SocialGrow
  11. @BestNewsDotCom
  12. @DrJohnMcGinn
  13. @Dangerdiabolick
  14. @Barryg09
  15. @Bhatia_manpreet
  16. @AmaninderZ
  17. @Ministryoftofu
  18. @Abhishekkx2010
  19. @Brandon_Krieger
  20. @Sam_j
  21. @GWPStaff
  22. @MikeFreyParadux
  23. @Robinbloor
  24. @Picchore
  25. @Hipmix
  26. @craigpsmith
  27. @krisjonescom 
  28. @chinafreeinfo
  29. @TishaOehmen
  30. @Subers
  31. @Billy_Bobcat
  32. @NZAfro
  33. @Ishandash
  34. @Bibhu2109
  35. @Kkmathews
  36. @Georg_Grey
  37. @Fara_s

The larger issues

My decision to put this up in my blog is to raise some larger issues.

  • Has Twitter become too large to actually manage the sheer number of complaints flowing in?
  •  Has adequate infrastructure and manpower been put in place to record, acknowledge and redress customer complaints?
  • Has a Standard Operating Procedure been defined to ensure that all complaints are resolved within a reasonable timeframe?
  • If complaints cannot be redressed within a reasonable time frame, is there a mechanism to communicate with the aggrieved user?
  • Is there something I am missing out in the way I could have got the issue addressed? If yes, how can the common tweeps like me be educated for a better course of action the next time?

 In keeping with the high standards that Twitter has set for itself, I am confident that

  • my complaint will be resolved without any further delay
  •  the larger issues raised above will be addressed for an even better user experience!

What is your opinion on Twitter’s customer complaint redress process? Comments welcome! 

Blog Updated 6th January 2011

Twitter has finally heard my complaint the required correction has been made on January 5, 2011 IST. Thanks Twitter! I appreciate the fact that my blog on the subject has been viewed positively and am sure that even the larger iss
ues raised by me will be addressed over time!

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