Twitter can stem its decline in India


A few days ago, I came across an article tweeted by @imadnaffaWhat really is happening to Twitter growth in India? [On a decline]. If you see the graph carefully, the number of unique visitors to the site has actually declined marginally in the last three months!

While I had noticed a subtle decline in Twitter activity by Indians I follow, I had not expected a decline in the number of unique visitors!

Let us have a look at the cause-remedy matrix.

S.No. What’s wrong? What’s the Remedy?
1. Tough competition for users’ internet time by Facebook


Twitter is a knowledge based medium while fb is a social networking site. Twitter needs to carry out targeted activities to ensure differentiation. How? My subject of a future blog!
2 Twitter’s Hindi version not available Is Twitter waiting for a local competitor to fill the void? India is the second most populated country in the world. Work on it now, please!
3 Twitter focusing only on its product offering (addition of features with New Twitter) but neglecting the other Ps of Marketing.


How about tying up with news channels and movers and shakers (like @BDUTT, @PritishNandy, @ShashiTharoor, @virsanghvi and @sachin_rt) to create some flutter?
4 Businesses/corporations have not yet taken up social media in a big way Remedy to this weakness lies in addressing the above mentioned points. More popularity of the medium will ensure its quick adoption.

What factors do you feel hold back Twitter from growing? Views welcome!

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2 Responses to Twitter can stem its decline in India

  1. nimue_ says:

    > You dnt send invite to your friends for twitter ;)> It takes efforts to bind a follower with 140 character unless you prove yourself interesting !> pics, videos, comments on comments are not in same page !! Most people are lazy you see :)> Many people say "I dnt understand it" or simple .. they are so hooked to fb, they dnt want to spare time ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Nimue for the comments! Yes, you have rightly listed distinct advantages that fb has over Twitter! Twitter definitely needs to work on these aspects to make things simple for its users!

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