My Twitter Journey

I just crossed the milestone of 1000 followers, and that coincided with @surekhapillai persuading me to start writing my own blog.

I think it would be worthwhile to look back and share with you all some of my experiences on the Twitter journey as my first post! I hereby share a few dilemmas I faced during my Twitter journey and how I have tried to overcome them.I also share below two of my more popular tweets/links that touched many a heart!

The dilemmas I faced

  • To specialize or keep the content broad based : I had the option of limiting myself to Indian politics or AfPak or Business News etc. However, a few months into Twitter, and I realized this was a global medium with scope of discussing diverse subjects. I decided to keep my content wide and varied to garner a wider audience. Hence, you find my tweets not limiting to any particular subject(s).
  • Whom to follow : I try to follow every one who tweets informative links. In case there are no links tweeted, I look for content to be interesting enough. But chances of a follow get reduced. Once I follow, I do not unfollow, unless one???s tweets are downright offensive or the account lies inactive for months.
  • Whom to list : Initial listing by me is based on the?? subject mostly covered by the tweep, like current affairs or business or spirituality/humanity etc. Second parameter is based on content quality, engagement and discussion. As the number of people I follow increased, I became more and more dependent on lists. This has worked well for me so far but is an evolving process.

The most successful tweets

I would cite two tweets, which attracted maximum eyeballs and RTs.

  • A stunning Pantene ad that stirred my heart and soul

This video link re-tweeted by me via @travelrn was very well received, with large number of RTs/mentions. I specifically marked it to @PritishNandy who picked it up and re-tweeted to his followers. (??

  • I re-tweeted this funny video link (via @Sung_H_Lee) about a faux pas by the bride during her wedding ceremony

The link was immediately picked up by @surekhapillai and once re-tweeted, recorded 103 clicks!

I would appreciate readers of this blog post to comment below and share their own experiences on Twitter/Facebook and their more popular tweets/links!


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7 Responses to My Twitter Journey

  1. ashwinkgopal says:

    Firstly, congratulations! Twitter for me has been an amazing place to meet people from varied backgrounds and achievements.It has been so intellectually rich that I end up learning something from someone everyday! And if you use it daily, it just becomes an extension of you! Anyway, nice start, hope to see more of your writing here πŸ™‚

  2. anand_bala says:

    Welcome to the world of blogs. They definitely allow you to express yourself far more freely than other social media tools. Twitter constricts you with 140 characters of concision, stripping one of the ability to take a nuanced stance. Keep twitter and your complementary :-)Happy postingAnand

  3. surekhapillai says:

    congratulations, aman! that’s a great start. i look forward to reading more than 140 from you πŸ™‚ keep blogging.

  4. Arivumani says:

    welcome u , welcome u..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ashwin, I agree Twitter is for learning, and is an extension of oneself. Appreciate your comments and look forward to continued contributions to the blogs!Dear Anand, I have been reading your blogs and trying to imbibe learnings from your expertise! A blog is a brilliant platform, and I would like to make full use of it with inputs/assistance from you from time to time!Dear Surekha ma’am, If I am able to do any justice to blogging (will try my best!), the credit will go to you. But for encouragement from you, I probably would not have dared to take the plunge! I look forward to your continued patronage.Dear Arivumani , thanks for a warm welcome! I am now following you on Twitter!

  6. vikaspgoel says:

    Congrats for 1K followers n ur 1st blogpost! May u soon cross Tharoor ( i mean for number of followers πŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Vikas! Equally important is having followers who engage/discuss thereby ensuring good content quality.

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